VIDEO: She Was Left In A Fire Station. 12 Years Later, She Has These 2 Words For Her Real Mom

In February 2003, a couple dropped their infant child off at Westminster Fire Station in Colorado, a Safe Haven drop off point for infants. The Safe Haven Law varies from state to state and in Colorado, the law states the child may be dropped off at a hospital or fire station within 3 days of birth.

Therefore, the drop off was completely legal. In the past, women have resorted to abandoning their children in dumpsters and bathroom garbage cans. This rather controversial law offers parents options that are safe for the infant. Also, parents face no legal consequences or any questioning whatsoever.

Firefighter Tom O’Neil and paramedic Duane Linkuwas were on duty and received the then infant girl. Word traveled and couple, John and Julie Burke who had been trying to conceive and adopt a child, caught wind of the incident. It was a miracle opportunity for them and they adopted the little girl.

Halle, who is now 12 years old hopes to one day meet her biological mother. She wants to meet her “tummy mummy,” ask her about her life and see if she looks like her.

Halle also says her biological mother made a good choice. Her adoptive parents support Halle’s wishes and mother, Julie Burke wrote the book, “Fire Station Baby” in hopes Halle’s birth mom will come forward and meet her daughter.

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