VIDEO: She Was Going Into Labor At Home. Most Men Wouldn’t DARE Do What Her Husband Did!

Giving birth is something that people view as both beautiful and terrifying. Most people would only be willing to give birth in a hospital room that is a sterile environment. However, Lemma Maria’s mom decided to go a different route when she brought her little daughter into this world. The video of this process is unique and captures beauty on many levels.

Lemma Maria’s mother, instead of giving birth in a hospital, chose to give birth in their own home, in the bathtub. At about the 2 minute mark, her husband actually does something absolutely astounding. Where most men would run away, he actually gets into the tub with his wife. A little over two minutes later, he is right across from his wife in order to catch his new daughter as she comes into the world.

This video captures both the miracle of birth and a husband’s complete and total devotion to both his wife and child. It is absolutely heartwarming and beautiful to watch, and it shows just want a happy family these three will be together.

Although many people may cringe at the idea of a water birth, many actually believe that this method is more organic and natural for both mother and baby when compared to a sterile and somewhat artificial hospital environment. It is also seen by some people to be more relaxing then a hospital environment. Whatever the case, this particular family had a good experience with it, and everyone is doing just fine.

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