VIDEO: She Was Given 2 Tickets By A Cop But They Aren’t What She Thinks I CANNOT STOP CRYING

In this adorable video a police officer pulls over a young teenage girl driving an SUV. When he goes back to the car he tells the girl he must unfortunately give her some bad news. He then proceeds to tell her that she will be receiving not one, but two tickets!

The girl is on the verge of tears. The look in her eyes is familiar – swollen, glassy, and aching to burst. The officer then tells her the good news. He informs her that her father will be sending her to New York to watch her favorite band live. She is shocked.

The amount of time it takes for the girl to understand that she has just been fooled stretches on forever. The broken look on her face hangs and waits for the hammer to come crashing down. She is clearly afraid to assume there is no catch.

Her emotions have already been toyed with enough. She sits frozen in time. And then she realizes that she has been had! Everything is okay, and ‘my Dad is the best Dad’! She cries as she exclaims to the officer that “you’re my favorite cop ever”! The police officer and the girl are clearly touched by the shared moment, a special bit of holiday magic.

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