VIDEO: She Was Flying Alone, So She Never Expects Everyone To Get Interrupted By This

Leticia is leaving home to live abroad, and although this is what she has always wanted for herself, she says that being away from her mother is going to be the hardest part of it. She is talking about her feelings and her current experience to someone who is filming her, thinking that she is in a documentary. Little does she know that there is actually much more to the situation than that.

As she gets into the car that is heading to the airport, she says that her mother has always said that when this day came, she would not be able to come to the airport with her, because it would be too hard to come back home alone.

When she gets on the plane, the flight attendant announces that Leticia’s mother has something to say to her. The video that her mother made for her comes up on the little screens in front of all passengers. Leticia’s mother talks about how this will be their first Mother’s Day apart, but that is okay, because the best gift that she could have gotten was Leticia as a daughter. She then tells her daughter to enjoy her dinner, as she made it with love. The flight attendant then brings a dish that her mother prepared specially for her.

This is so touching, and of course Leticia was in tears seeing her mother on that screen. They clearly have a bond that will endure all of that distance between them.

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