VIDEO: She Was Expecting To See A Baby On The Sonogram… Not THIS! Wow!!

Jimmy Kimmel is known for being a bit of a prankster from time to time, but the latest prank that he pulled with the help of his cousins is downright legendary. Keep reading for a chance to see the best prank ever (move over Ashton Kutcher)!

Jimmy got some help from his cousin Sal who helped arrange a fake sonogram for pregnant Micki. Micki was in on the joke, but they kept Micki’s mom in the dark making her the target of their clever scheme. Adding to the bit was the fact that Aunt Chippy had never been to a sonogram and did not have one during her pregnancy.

Therefore, she was extremely gullible when it came time to take a look. Jimmy had the graphics department at the station come up with some highly creative and crazy images that turned a simple sonogram into a heart stopping moment for Aunt Chippy.

The best part, she falls for almost all of it hook and sinker as Kimmel carefully narrates from the background of the sonogram room walking the technician through his script and images. Take a quick glimpse at the accompanying video and see for yourself this unbelievable sonogram and the laughs that follow.

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