VIDEO: She Was Driving And Noticed This Car On The Side Of The Road. When She Looked Inside? OMG

A mother’s nightmare. A mother, stranded along the roadside, accidentally locked her infant inside of the family car. What could make matters worse? The mother and tot were in a semi-remote location and the keys were locked inside the car with the baby. Cell phone service was not available.

Enter the overly-prepared fellow. You know that guy, the one who stockpiles on everything for that rare “just-in-case” moment. The gentleman and his companion, who had forgotten their own important camping gear, momentarily forget their own problems when they saw a woman stranded alongside the road.

The pair stopped to assist the woman and her child. The overly-prepared fellow had a glass-breaking tool in his car and used it to rescue the tot.

Jan Null, from the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science, reported that more than 330 heatstroke deaths in infants, from 1998 through 2014, were due to children being left inside of hot vehicles – in the U.S. alone.

Overly-prepared guy, thanks for doing what you do. Certainly this mother is grateful. What a story she will have to tell the little tot when he or she is grown! How many motorists travel prepared for emergency events? How many motorists travel with glass-breaking tools as part of their emergency preparedness tool kits?

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