VIDEO: She Was Bullied Very Badly, But How She Responded Had Me Giving Her A Standing Ovation

High school student Caitlin Prater-Haacke’s iPad was stolen at school and used to post a vicious message on her Facebook account encouraging her to die. Her mother was the first to see the message and admits it made her feel sick just to read it.

Caitlin turned the ugly action into something incredibly positive however. She stuck post-it notes on every locker at school, each with a message of encouragement and appreciation such as ‘I love you’, ‘you look amazing today’, ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘you’re a sprinkle cupcake in a world full of muffins.’

Her high school initially viewed this act of kindness as simple littering, and Caitlin was even reprimanded for it. However this in turn sparked a campaign in the town supporting the teen and the concept of Positive Post-it Day. Not ten days after Caitlin first received the bullying message on her Facebook wall, the city council passed a resolution in support of the movement for Positive Post-it Day, arguing that positive begets positive. People started sharing positive post-it’s in their schools and businesses, with one woman posting them on the office doors in the bank where she works.

People have been sharing their post-it notes on social media and Caitlin’s Facebook page which started this movement for positivity, is now flooded with pictures of post-it notes.

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