VIDEO: She Walks Up To A Wild Horse. When She Sits To Take A Picture? AMAZING!

Strong Women, Wild Horses, is a brief film about a group of valiant photographers enthusiastic in documenting how wild horses live. Armed with their cameras only, the women enter the Great Basin, one of the few remaining wild areas of the U.S. to search for the majestic free-wandering wild horses.

Also through their lenses, these photographers disclose how wild horses find themselves at the center of a vicious land battle. The ranching industry is in demand for more land for cattle while oil producers continue laying down pipelines across the country, threatening the very existence of these animals.

The women capture two extremes of this video. One foots the wild horses celebrating their freedom; a freedom that is quickly interrupted as helicopters pursue and flock them into bondage. Young wild horses are separated from their mothers while stallions are stabbed using stun guns.

The video is reminiscent of what is happening to a herd of wild horses not far from Phoenix, AZ. As per the USA today, the U.S Forest Service is reassessing a scandalous plan to eject a herd of wild horses out of the Tanto National Forest.

The decision to stop the round-up of an assessed 65-100 horses comes after massive pressure from demonstrators and political administrators concerned with the fate of the wild herd. Those who advocate for keeping the herd intact opine that the undesirable horses could be destroyed.

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