VIDEO: She Visited Her Late Husbands Grave When She Was Robbed. Then THIS Happened. OMG

Tona Herdon was understandably sad and heartbroken after her husband and companion of 60 years tragically died at the age of 78. After this life altering event, Tona Herdon made a habit of visiting her husband’s gravesite. One day while visiting her husband’s grave, a stranger came up to her and mugged her right in front of her husband’s grave.

Word of this horrendous crime traveled quickly. It was displayed on news channels and social media around the country. Fifteen-year-old Christian Lunsford saw a segment on the television talking about this crime. It was then that he realized something shocking. The man who robbed Tona Herdon at the gravesite of her dear husband was his estranged father.

Christian, troubled by what he saw, said that it was his responsibility to repay Tona Herdon the $250 that his estranged father had stolen from her. This amazing display of kindness quickly garnered Christian the title of ‘Hero’ from individuals around the nation. In another surprising turn of events, Tona Herdon was so surprised by Christian’s kindness and goodwill that she decided that instead of taking the $250 from the young man, she would return it to him allowing him to go on a school trip.

There is a beautiful video that captures the moment when Tona Herdon and Christian meet each other for the very first time in a church parking lot. Though the circumstances of their meeting were unique, it is unquestionable that they will have a special place in each other’s lives for years to come.

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