VIDEO: She Used Baking Soda For WHAT? This Is So Odd But It Worked So Well!

You may have known that by putting an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator would keep things smelling fresh. But, did you know that it works the same for clothes and drawers? Simple pour some into a sock, tie it shut, and stick in a corner you desire. This will keep the area deodorized.

Is your plant looking dole and lifeless? Baking soda works great as plant food. Just add a couple tablespoons in your water, stir until dissolved, then water your plants as usual. Within just a couple times of watering, you will see a dramatic difference.

Baking soda works wonders on burns. If someone around you gets a burn and you don’t have any ointment, no worries. Get a bowl of ice water and stir in some baking soda. Once its well mixed, dip a paper towel or small cloth into the water then cover the burn. It will soothe it quickly and help heal. Steak can be tough, and forgetting tenderizer can be a hassle. Its okay, just grab the baking soda.

Sprinkle and rub in a small amount on the steak, Let it sit for 3-5 hours and rinse. This will leave your steak unbelievably tender. Baking soda also helps with personal hygiene. Gargle water mixed with 1tbs baking soda to get rid of bad breath and mouth pain. You can also sprinkle some in your underarms to leave you odor free. As years go by people, find more uses for baking soda, outside of baking.

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