VIDEO: She Tries A Near Impossible Yoga Pose. What Her Dog Does In Response? LOL!

Dogs often get jealous when they are not included in the activities that we do. That is why they often invite themselves to join. One dog decided that he would join his owner while she was doing yoga.

Most people know that yoga is great for the body, mind and soul. The downward dog is one of the most difficult yoga poses that a person can do. However, one dog has managed to master this very hard move. When the owner does the downward dog, the dog lifts his leg up without any problems.

He seems to be very proud of himself because he stares at her while he is still holding the position in place. What is even more incredible about this video is that the dog seems to know the difference between right and left. He matches his movements with his owner’s movements. It seems as though the dog has had a lot of practice doing yoga.

The video of the dog doing yoga has been posted online. It has received over one million likes and been shared over 850,000 times. People who enjoy this video are encouraged to share it with their family members and friends.

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