VIDEO: She Tried To Make A Decorative Candle. When She Pulls Back The Wax…WOW!

THE CANDLE MAKING PROCESSWHAT LIES BEHIND THE WAX There are many who think the candle making process is a simple undertaking. For those of you who think this, you would be sadly mistaken. From beginning to end it’s so involved.

There is not an inch of this process that doesn’t have detail attached to it. Recently, there was the wonderfully talented artisan who made this layered candle. This decorative candle was made from scratch. There was so much talent that went into it, my jaw just dropped to the floor. HOLLAND HOUSE CANDLES IN THE NETHERLANDS This is the name of the group who put together the show.

Let me just tell you I was impressed. For those that don’t feel that layered, decorative candle-making is an art, you would be sadly mistaken. There is one part where the candle is dipped into different colors. It doesn’t matter what color you want, it’s there. Just seeing it being dipped inside is mesmerizing in it of itself. There is a step where they artisan carves a specific design into the candle.

That also takes time. It’s so beautiful when it’s done though. You can have any design you want. That’s the beauty of having it done from scratch. You can have any detail done to your liking. The end of the process involves the actual lighting. This way the colors are put on display for all eyes to see. It’s simply gorgeous. There is only one problem. The candles look so gorgeous, sometimes you don’t even want to light them.

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