VIDEO: She Took An Iron To A Candle And I Thought It Would Ruin It. But The Result? OMG! COOL!

Candles are pretty darn awesome. They generally smell amazing, can be decorative, and, of course, are a light source when the power goes out or the mood is just right. On the downside since candles are insanely popular retailers are able to charge outlandish prices on them just because they are in high demand.

The better they smell, the more they cost. The fancier or trendier they are, the more they cost. In an age where the dollar must be stretched to its limits just to get by that usually leaves a minimal budget for home decor. People are getting creative with what they have and turning it into one of a kind pieces and now candles are no different.

Watch this woman use everyday items found in almost any American home and create chic, expensive looking candles. She takes a patterned paper napkin and separates the layers. Next she wraps the top layer around a basic white candle. The third simple step is to slowly and evenly iron the top of the napkin onto the surface of the candle.

Smooth out any bumps and fill in any gaps with more napkin material for a seamless look. Then trim the excess paper and once again use the iron to flatten the edges. Bam! A unique candle made by you that serves as inexpensive decor or a thoughtful gift.

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