VIDEO: She Took A Crayon And Melted It On The Stove. When You Find Out Why You’ll be Amazed

Sometimes everyday items can be used in creative ways. Turning crayons into lipstick is one such example. Not only is this an ingenious idea that can save money on purchasing cosmetics, it is also easy to do. Simply melt the non-toxic crayons in a pot on top of the stove.

Pick whichever color you wish to make your lipstick from. Mixing two different colored crayons together can create a unique lip color. Blend in coconut oil, and you are on your way to making your very own home made lipstick. Even people who do not wear much lipstick will like this recipe.

Coconut oil makes your skin and lips soft. This is especially important during cold winter months when skin tends to get dry.

A jar of coconut oil can cost as little as $10.00. You can get multiple purposes out of it, from cooking with it to using it in your beauty routine. You can make multiple lipstick colors with one jar of coconut oil, for less than what you can buy one lipstick tube in many stores.

Making your own lipstick from crayons and coconut oil is creative. It can also save money. Try it, we think you will like it.

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