VIDEO She Thought She Was Going To Work, Then He Handed Her A Piece Of Paper That Changed Her Life

When your husband tells you that you don’t have to go to work that day and that he is not going either, your mind races with ways the two of you can enjoy the day together. But one husband took telling his wife she didn’t have to go work that day to a whole new level.

It was their five year wedding anniversary and the husband had been working all the overtime he could get at work to save up for a special anniversary trip. He also had managed to keep his plans hush-hush, so not even the wife knew why he had been working overtime and the trip was planned and paid for in advance. Not until she got up that fateful morning and began to get ready for work just like always.

Freshly showered and dressed, the wife heads into the kitchen for something to drink when husband gives her the good news that she doesn’t have to go to work. He tells her he’s not going either, then hands her a plane ticket and informs her she has an hour and half to pack a bag.

The wife is in shock and the good news takes a few moments to register for her, then the tears begin to flow as the smile of joy takes over her face. Her husband of five years has surprised her with an anniversary trip to Europe. He even made arrangements for cat care while they’re gone.

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