VIDEO: She Thought She Was Going On A Normal Diet. What Really Happened? SO TRAGIC

In a video posted to YouTube, a young girl suffering from anorexia demonstrates a nearly tragic example of how the media can negatively impact adolescents. Anorexia is one of many eating disorders that can effect people of all ages. Statistics of anorexia sufferers are startling in the US and worldwide. Locating the cause of behavior and substituting positive behaviors are proven ways for treating eating disorders.

Young Girl Recovers from Anorexia A young girl is only 15-years-old and already she had a serious eating disorder. Anorexia is a form of self-starvation that deprives the body of much needed nutrients. The 15-year-old-girl seems to have recovered since the video diary started.

She suffered from multiple eating disorders. She sustained from eating, and she forced herself to vomit. Purging is also known as Bulimia and can cause additional negative effects on the body. The young girl in this example ended up recovering. She is grateful that she had the support of her family and friends. Eating Disorders in the US In the United States, eating disorders effect approximately 20 million women and 10 million men.

This statistic is from Controlling eating habits and behaviors in a positive way will limit the amount of cases like this young girl. It is possible to continue educating children, teens and adults on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Everyone’s body is different and each of us requires a different nutritional level. You must find your body’s need without sacrificing it’s vitality!

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