VIDEO: She Tells Her Dog She’s Had a Long Day. How Her Dog Responds? AMAZING!

German Shepherds are amazing dogs. They are great protectors, can adapt to different situations and very intelligent. Many people would agree that they are easy to train.

German Shepherds can live in many different conditions. They can live on a large ranch or a small apartment. German Shepherds can also be trained to fetch beer on command. Baron, who is a German Shepherd, has definitely earned the title of man’s best friend. He gets a beer for his owner. The only thing Baron’s owner has to say is, “Baron, I have had a long day.”

The dog goes away for a few seconds and then comes back with a beer in his mouth. There is a video clip of Baron retrieving the beer for his owner. Baron even brings his dog bowl, which indicates that he may want some beer himself. The clip is too cute.

The video of Baron bringing his owner beer has been shared over 7,160 times on Facebook. Baron even has his own Facebook page entitled “Baron The German Shepherd.” Additionally, Baron has his own YouTube channel. There are videos of Baron helping put groceries away, working out with his owner and using the toilet.

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