VIDEO: She Takes Shaving Cream And Rubs It All Over Her Shirt. The Reason? I Never Knew THIS

If you have products in the bathroom that you don’t use all the time or that don’t seem to have a purpose, then try these simple tricks to make use of almost everything in the room. Some of the products in your bathroom might be expensive, so you want to get as much value out of those products as possible.

There are things that you can do to a shirt with a razor, and getting wrinkles out of a shirt is as easy as taking it in the shower with you instead of using an iron.

Place the bottle of shaving cream on its top to he prevent rust from forming. Go over clothing that has lint or pills on it with a razor. If you see permanent marker in the bathroom, or anywhere else in the home, then put some fingernail polish remove on it with a cotton ball, let it sit, and wash it off with warm water.

Get wrinkles out of clothing with a flat iron, especially on collared shirts and delicate fabrics. Shaving cream can be used to remove makeup stains, and conditioner can double as shaving cream as it makes the hair on the legs soft.

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