VIDEO: She Takes Eye Shadow And Rubs It all Over Her Tattoo. The Result Is Amazing…

Ever wish you could cover up those gnarly tribal face tattoos you got last summer in Tahiti? Me, either. But if temporarily covering inked skin sounds interesting to you, this YouTube channel host, Michelle, has a tutorial how-to on her channel explaining exactly how to achieve this effect.

Since many work environments have restrictions on tattoos, it is often necessary for people to cover tattoos while at work. Michelle demonstrates using her own tattoo on her foot with easily accessible makeup like eyeshadow, concealer, and foundation.

She walks through the process step-by-step, applying gradual layers of makeup to completely conceal the tattoo’s ink. The process results in a perfect disguising of the tattoo. Although some people might think the process is tedious, they cannot deny how effecive the end result actually is.

Many other products intended to cover tattoos have attracted significant attention. Dermablend is a makeup company that espouses its ability to flawlessly conceal acne, tattoos, and blemishes on skin. For persons who prefer not to use makeup, TatJacket brand produces special fabric concealed sleeves that can cover tattoos on different areas of the body. There are many choices when it comes to covering tattoos. Check out Michelle’s video and let us know your thoughts!

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