VIDEO: She Takes An Old Child’s Jersey And Starts Cutting It Up. The End Result Is Awesome!

Sports jerseys don’t have to be forgotten in the back of the closet or in a box in the attic. Donating jerseys can also create problems for parents because of the memories associated with the jerseys. Parents who want to keep the jerseys for themselves or their children can repurpose them, turning them into works of art to decorate their children’s rooms, offices, trophy rooms or other spaces. Parents can transform the jerseys by following a few simple steps.

To turn jerseys into artwork, parents only need a few items. Most of the necessary tools can be found in any household. Canvases may need to be purchased at a local thrift or craft store. The tools needed to create jersey art include a large stapler, scissors and pliers.

Creating craft art is a simple process that involves cutting and stapling. Parents want to start the process by cutting off the sleeves and collar of jerseys so that they fit the size of a canvas. The next steps involve placing the canvas inside of the jersey and beginning to staple the jersey to the canvas.

Parents should wait until the end to staple around the edges. During the process, they will likely need to cut off excess fabric. They want to make sure to place the most important side of the jersey, likely the portion with their children’s last names and numbers, in the front of the canvases before starting to staple. In a few short minutes, parents can create artwork out of their children’s jerseys without having to throw away or donate them.

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