VIDEO: She Takes A Paint Brush To Her Cake. And What She Does To It Is Beautiful!

Cake decorating can be difficult, especially for anyone that’s just starting out. But there are ways to make the simplest cakes look amazing with a couple of easy tricks.

The company Wilton released a video showing viewers how they could create an ombre flower for their cake using frosting and a paintbrush. Not only is it easy, the end result is beautiful.

After applying the base frosting onto the cake, grab a paintbrush and dip it in water. Use the brush to outline the area where you’ll be applying the flower. Then decide what color you’d like the flower to be. After you’ve chosen, smooth some white frosting on a cardboard palette and add some liquid food color. Only add one or two drops. Once you’ve reached the shade you want, paint on the outer layer of the petals. Use a small amount of water to thin the frosting so the application is as smooth as possible. Use circular strokes.

Once the outer petals are done, add another drop or two of color into the frosting to make it slightly darker. Paint on the next line of petals. Repeat these two steps a third time to create the last set of petals. Then use a thing brush to paint brown onto the petals to give it a sense of dimension.

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