VIDEO: She Takes A Cheap Pool Noodle And Cuts It Into Pieces. What She Does Next Is Genius!

Everyone knows that one of the best places to spend time during the hot, humid and lazy days of summer is in a backyard swimming pool. But it can prove to be a pain in the neck to keep jumping in and out of the water in order to retrieve your favorite drink from a nearby refrigerator or cooler filled with ice.

But now one enterprising do-it-yourselfer has posted an online video showing how to create a very cool floating beverage cooler for your pool using nylon rope that is waterproof, a pool noodle and an inexpensive plastic tub.

Using a sharp kitchen knife, cut the pool noodle into four pieces, two pieces each of equal length. Now cut a length of rope that is equal to the distance around the circumference of your plastic tub. Put this rope through the holes inside the noodle and tie the pieces together in such a way that they resemble a rectangle.

This serves as the frame into which you insert your plastic tub. The pieces of pool noodle alongside each edge of the tub will now make this container float easily atop the pool’s water.

Now before slipping into the swimming pool, you can fill this floating cooler with a supply of ice and your favorite bottles and cans of beer, carbonated sodas and other beverages. For around $5, this easy craft project creates a nifty floating cooler that is about one-sixth the price of a floating cooler purchased at the store.

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