VIDEO: She Steps On Stage With A Strange Outfit. But It’s What She Does Next That Shocks The Crowd

A skimpy outfit can be a hit or miss experience. Sometimes, seeing someone dressed up in a limited amount of clothing can cause you to cringe. That is exactly what the the hosts of the X-Factor television show did when they saw Lorna Bliss take the stage recently.

Lorna strutted onto the stage wearing neon green underwear barely covered by a lace body stocking. The outfit was certainly memorable. Maybe Bliss hoped her act would be memorable too. Unfortunately, it seems to have become memorable in a negative way. It all started with her running out onto the stage in her incredible costume. The audience was shocked at her fearless fashion sense. They became even more shocked when they realized that she is thirty-three. To her credit, she did look passable in the outfit despite her age.

After a few bits of conversation, the judges wished her luck. Bliss then launched into a song and dance routine. The screen identified her as a Britney Spears impersonator once she started singing. Her voice didn’t seem to match up with the legendary Brittney. However, her antics certainly did! Bliss crept around the stage for a few bars. She oozed her way down the steps towards the judges and walked up to their table. Suddenly, she climbed right up on the lap of one of the judges and gave him an entire lap dance right in front of thousands of people.

The result? The judges felt she had confidence. However, it certainly wasn’t good enough. What do you think?

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