VIDEO: She Starts Fishing With Her Tiny Reel. But When She Catches THIS, Her Dad SCREAMS!

Children say — and do — the darnedest things. Some of these things are pretty exceptional, too. It’s particularly incredible when children absorb information they’ve gotten from their parents and put it to good use.

Wee Zoey went on a fishing excursion with her father. With a pink kiddie fishing pole in tow, Zoey showed off all of the skills she’d acquired by learning from her father. Zoey quietly and calmly looked out for potential catches, fishing pole right in front of her. Once she finally observed a potential catch, she responded to the situation by pulling it in like a seasoned pro!

This proved to her father that she’d indeed been listening to all of the fishing methods he showed her. It also showed that she’s fully capable of reaping all of the benefits of her A+ listening skills and stellar commitment to learning the art of fishing.

Once Zoey’s dad realized that his talented youngster pulled a coveted fish in, he glowed with happiness. He couldn’t have been more pleased with his resolute child. He kept repeating “Don’t lose it” and “Reel it in” to Zoey.

As he was stringing those words together, it was pretty clear that he wasn’t worried in the slightest that she was actually going to lose it, however. He had full confidence that his youngster was going to succeed. He was totally right, too. Not only did Zoey catch her first ever fish, but she caught a really large one — doubly mind-blowing.

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