VIDEO: She Sings A For Michelle Obama. By The Time She Was Done, The Entire Crowd Was In Tears

Ariana Grande, who has recently reached the height of her fame in the year 2014, performed at the White House in front of the president and others. Her performance was a stunning one, and Ariana performed Whitney Houston’s song, “I Have Nothing.” The Whitney Houston song was also performed in the movie, “The Bodyguard,” and Ariana duplicated it very well. Before starting her performance, Ariana decided to speak with the audience. President Obama and his wife sat next to each other in the front row, and the couple was within arm’s length of the stage.

Ariana greeted the president and his wife, and she let them know how proud she was to be performing for them. Ariana was one of the many stars that were present at the White House event. Janelle Monae, Patty LaBelle, Jill Scott and other stars could be seen in the audience at the White House.

After greeting the crowd, Ariana gave a brief rundown on the song she was about to sing. Ariana stated that Whitney Houston had inspired her as a child, and then she began to sing the song. Similar to the original version of the song, Ariana started off slowly and softly.

When it came time for the chorus of the song, Ariana hit the higher notes wonderfully. Ariana did not hit all the same notes as Whitney Houston, but Ariana’s rendition of the song was brilliant. Audience reactions to the song where all ones of wonder, and some people looked as if they would cry.

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