VIDEO: She Setup Her Camera At The Beach, What She Captured Sent Chills Down Her Spine

In this video clip, a family is enjoying what is likely a vacation in Puerto Rico beside a nice pool of sea water protected by a barrier of rocks. Amid the palm trees & lush sands are dozens of people taking in the water safely shielded from the rush of waves beyond the roughly 30 foot natural barricade. It is at this time that a wave crashes into the right side of the rock wall.

The resulting collision has sea water streaming over the center of the wall into the natural pool. Several seconds later, a much larger wave comes crashing against the right side of the wall with water engulfing the entire right side of the wall. This draws an exasperation from the woman recording the event. It is then that the entire sea level seems to reach the height of the wall and exceed it.

Suddenly, all but a minute part of the wall is quickly engulfed by a torrent of water that starts looking the videos that emerged from the big tsunami that struck Southeast Asia over ten years ago. This one wave was so large that before the sea water had finished draining off the rocks, another wave came up and likewise engulfed the wall. Admittedly, it must be a common occurrence at this beach.

This is because no one seemed to be bothered by it. While many people stopped to look at the waves, no one ran off for safety. Regardless, watch the video as the sheer strength of the waves is amazing.

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