VIDEO: She Removes This Dolls Make Up And Then Does This. When You See Why You’ll Be Amazed

Many mothers these days are concerned about the false self-image that dolls from contemporary manufacturers are giving their daughters. Most of the dolls available for purchase are wearing skimpy outfits and come complete with loads of make-up in order to emphasize a girl’s sexual appeal.

But one mom is trying to change that problem, one doll at a time. She goes into a thrift store in search of a doll for her child. But unfortunately, the one she finds comes complete with a face that is heavily made up, including pouty full lips and eyes that have been accented with eye liner and colorful eye shadow.

But this mom goes to work as soon as she comes home in order to transform the hyper-sexualized doll she just purchased into an innocent girl that is more in keeping with who her own child is when she looks in the mirror. Using some nail polish remover, this mother ingeniously removes the heavy lipstick and the over the top eye make-up from the face of the doll.

She then paints on a more natural looking lip color, and creates new eyes that are devoid of eye liner as well as eye shadow. This doll then is given a new play outfit similar to something her own child might wear, rather than a skimpy costume more suited to a discotheque dancer. The result is a doll that her child can now relate to, minus the make-up and clothing meant to emphasize a girl’s sexuality.

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