VIDEO: She Puts Salt All Over This Lemon Then Squeezes It Into The Toilet, You Have To See Why!

Yes this is probably the most oddest title that you had probably read all day, but what exactly does happens when someone covers a lemon in salt and then squeeze it inside a toilet bowl? Well Melissa Maker decided to find out.

Melissa often shares videos about cleaning tips and cleaning alternatives, mentioning that lemons is one of the best natural cleaning agents that is readily available. She explains that lemons helps keep your refrigerator fresh, remove grease from your microwave and clean glass to say the least.

This simple lemon is does wonders for cleaning so of course why not use it to clean one of the most troublesome places, the toilet.

There is a actually quite a simple way to get rid of those annoying rings that you find around the toilet with out spending money and being more environmentally friendly. All you need to do is just cut a lemon, cover it all with some rock salt and then scrub it all around the toilet bowl.

Just make sure to have gloves when you do this you and then simply flush when you are done. You will see how much cleaner your toilet will be right after.

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