VIDEO: She Puts Her Stove Grates In A Plastic Bag. What He Sprays Inside The Bag? Genius!

Many people struggle to get stubborn stains and greasy spots of their stoves. Worse yet, stove grates have all kinds of hard-to-get spots that are stained. Scrubbing them is very labor intensive and time consuming. Aside from that, conventional cleaning methods don’t allow enough time for the cleaning solution to do its job.

Besides, scrubbing stove grates, or any surface, may cause permanent scratches. The method that this woman used avoided all of these problems. Plus, very few materials are required to get the job done.

This particular woman completely revolutionized the way a stove-top is cleaned. She started by placing the stove grates inside large Ziplock bags. She then proceeded to spray ammonia over the stove grates that were in the plastic bags. It’s important to keep the bags closed, so ammonia doesn’t stink up the kitchen.

The stove grates were left to sit in the bags overnight. No unnecessary labor-intensive scrubbing was required, as the grease and cooked material easily came off. A brand-new stove grate was the end result. This technique of cleaning will save tons of time and labor in the future. Share this method with friends and family, as it will save them a lot of headache.

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