VIDEO: She Put Her 4 Year Old Daughter Between 6 Pitbulls And Their Food, What Happened Next? OMG

Pit bulls often get a bad wrap because the media portrays them as being very aggressive and violent. People have also been told that pit bulls should not be allowed anywhere near children because they are killers.

There have even been organizations that have been trying to ban people from owning dogs. However, a video that was recently posted online shows that all pit bulls are not dangerous. The video has a four year-old girl and six pit bulls.

The little girl gathers the dogs together and makes them wait for the food. Despite the fact that the dogs are clearly ready to dive into their food, they wait for the girl’s command. When the girl gave the command, the dog’s began chowing down.

It is important to note that the way a dog interacts with a child is dependent on the temperament of both the dog and the child. However, this video does show that pit bulls can be gentle and loving.

Despite the fact that the dogs were hungry, they practiced restraint. It shows that they were well-trained. Additionally, children should also be taught at a young age how to respect and care for animals. It is clear that the four year-old girl in the video has been taught how to interact with animals.

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