VIDEO: She Poured Cake Batter Into The Rice Cooker.When The Timer Goes Off? YUMMY!

Most people pour cake batter into a pan and put it into an oven so that it can bake. This woman decides to pour cake batter into a rice cooker. However, the result is something that makes other kids want the same kind of cake.

The rice cooker is something for the kitchen that most people are thankful to have. It shortens the cooking time for many meals, but there probably aren’t many people who have made a cake in one of them. The woman makes a simple chocolate cake batter. She pours all of the batter into the rice cooker.

A few minutes later, the batter is done. It’s best if you know how to make a cake from scratch as you get all of the flavors instead of something artificial from a boxed cake mix.

However, a boxed mix will work. Bake the cake in the rice cooker for about 12 minutes. When you open the rice cooker, you will have a delicious cake that can be served plain or with other items, such as whipped cream, fruit or fudge. This is an easy way to have a delicious dessert for the family after a meal or for a special occasion.

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