VIDEO: She Places Cookie Dough In Her Waffle Iron. Once The Timer Beeps…YUMMY

The waffle iron is thought to have been around since the 14th century. Waffle irons are in most households today and are generally used to make waffles for breakfast, traditionally served with maple syrup and butter, or as a dessert, with chocolate and fruit.

The waffle iron has become a popular appliance recently, however, for its uses other than making waffles. It is able to cook and crisp a variety of foods from pizza to cinnamon rolls. Getting the most usage from a waffle iron takes creativity and the willingness to experiment.

To make pizza in the waffle iron, simply heat the iron and place a small mound of pizza dough, brushed with olive oil, in the iron. After cooking it for five to seven minutes, add tomato sauce and burrata for a quick snack. Cookies can also be made in the waffle iron by placing a serving-size amount of refrigerated cookie dough in the hot waffle iron. Cook for three to five minutes and enjoy with a glass of milk.

To make another breakfast favorite, other than waffles, try placing refrigerated cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron. Cook for three to five minutes and drizzle with frosting. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy waffle donuts. These are made by placing store-bought donuts in the waffle iron for two minutes. Remove and add sprinkles, if desired. For a simple dessert, place scoops of brownie batter into the waffle iron. Cook for three to five minutes and dust with powdered sugar.

When it comes to the waffle iron, the possibilities reach far beyond breakfast waffles into snacks, dinners and desserts. Trying these simple recipes will help owners get the most from their waffle irons.

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