VIDEO: She Places An Iron On A Piece Of Paper Laying On Wood…The Result? COOL!

If you are looking for a new way to decorate wood blocks or wooden furniture, there is something cool that you can do. You can put any sort of picture that you want on a piece of wood with a few simple supplies: a package of T-shirt transfers, an iron, and wood.

Start off by printing the pictures of your choice off on the T-shirt transfers, and make sure that the wood is sanded and smooth. Put the T-shirt transfer onto the wood, face down, and start ironing (on a cotton setting) the image onto the wood. It will take about two to three minutes of ironing the entire image onto the wood for the transfer to take place.

Make sure that you keep in mind that if there are words in the image, you will have to print them out using the “Mirror” setting, in order for the words to show up as they should on the final piece of wood.

This is a fun project, and it is so simple as well. The results are well worth it, as you will be able to put the patterns of your choice on any piece of wood that you would like. Simply painting these surfaces can make them look good too, but this is so much more creative and unique. You can also add in more of your personality doing this than you would be able to do if you were just adding a coat of paint to the wood.

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