VIDEO: She Paints Egg Whites Onto Her Face And Let’s It Dry. He Reason? I Have To Try This!

People put a lot of strange things on their faces. Cucumbers. Mud. But now there’s a new special skin secret formula that is sweeping the nations and plastering the faces of Americans. Egg whites… That’s right, you may have never thought of it, but egg whites have several benefits that make the skin look better apparently.

One woman slapped egg whites on her face, and peeled them off half an hour later and she was amazed when she saw her appearance. After gently whipping the egg whites, delicately apply them to the face with your hands or perhaps a batter-spoon. The skin should be slightly damp before applying the eggs. Add a layer of tissue paper on top before applying another thin layer of the egg whites to the face.

The face will dry in roughly 30 minutes. Once the face is dry, gently peel off the layers of tissue paper and egg whites. As the egg whites are peeled away you can actually see how much dirt and debris are pulled off the face.

This is a way to naturally exfoliate the face. It can remove items from clogged pores that medications and lotions might not be able to reach. The skin is left smooth to the touch and with a youthful appearance. This method can help prevent acne from developing as well as wrinkles. But it is kind of weird right? I mean mud and cucumbers are one thing … but eggs are essentially fetuses. And smearing egg whites all over your face sort of seems savage on a certain level.

Around 340AD he Borborites reportedly ate aborted fetuses during their sacred rituals. And even today women who practice the ritual of placental consumption aren’t not uncommon. But creaming the whites of bird eggs on our faces is really something else.

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