VIDEO: She Never Expected Anything. When She Got This Gift She Was In Tears. OMG!

The human spirit is shown to be alive and well in this article A family works together to offer a gift of companionship and love to their grandmother. She goes about opening a series of gifts that lead up to the big surprise, which she never suspects. A random stuffed animal that is exceptionally small can be figured to be more than an animal chew toy.

After the grandmother is entirely stumped on what the final, and biggest gift is, she is told to close her eyes. It is then that the family brings out this adorable little puppy for her and places it on her lap. The reaction to the animal is priceless.

This article, which is in video form, will jerk the tear ducts into working. The woman’s reaction to the dog is awesome. She is first shocked by the animal that is sitting on her lap, and then she begins to tear up. The dog affectionately licks her face and that is all that is needed for the grandmother to realize that this is real and the dog is hers.

This was surely an appropriate naming for the article, for ‘Archie”, the dog, is surely the perfect Christmas gift for this individual. A gift of a lifetime of companionship and love. How Perfect.

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