VIDEO: She Mixes Dish Soap And Baking Powder To Make The Best Kids Toy Of All Time!

If you have ever wanted to make giant bubbles, then a few household kitchen items will do the trick. All you need is a little baking powder and Dawn dish detergent. This is an activity that you can do with children when they get bored in the summer or through the year if you want to explain sizes and how products work together.

You will need a large bowl to hold the bubble solution, some string and two rods so that you have something to contain the bubble mixture. A bucket is ideal for making the bubble solution.

Guar gum is also used when making the solution. Add the dish soap first. Add a tablespoon of guar gum as this is what will make the bubbles elastic. Baking powder will make the bubbles last a little longer.

Add about 16 cups of water, and mix all of the ingredients together. Use two sticks, tying one end of string onto a stick and the other end of the string on the other stick.

You need to make a triangle with the string so that it’s a closed area. Bring the sticks together, and lower the string or rope into the solution. Lift the wand out, separate the sticks, and you can see large bubbles form.

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