VIDEO: She Looks Silly Wrapping Her Hair In A Sock. But The Final Result? Not Too Shabby!

Want beautiful wavy curls without the damage of heated tools and chemical processing? You’re in luck because beauty and style expert, Nicole Skyes, has a new trick for getting great curls without spending tons of money on salon treatments or the time suck of using a curling iron every day. Not only does this hack cause no damage to your lovely locks, it’s easy and you probably already have the tools you need at home.

That’s right. All you need to perform this curl magic are some old socks. So take a minute to go through your drawer, pull out all the worn-out socks and get ready to begin an unbelievable hair transformation. This method is best performed at night before you go to sleep for best results. To get started, separate your hair into sections. Next, Take a small segment of hair and roll it in a sock, much the say you would use a traditional hair roller. Repeat until you’ve rolled the remaining hair. Go to sleep and simply unroll the socks in the morning. You’ll be amazed at the gorgeous curls you reveal.

This is an awesome trick that nearly anyone can do. It’s perfect for a special occasion like a date or a wedding, but it’s so easy that you could use it to style your hair for everyday. Check out the video below to see how Nicole performs her sock wrap and for proof that the technique works as well as she says it does.

Nicole asks, “So would I consider this a beauty hack or completely wack?” The verdict according to Nicole? She says,”I would definitely say this is a beauty hack, no heat curlers, you don’t use any heat on your hair. So your hair is not damaged at all!”

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