VIDEO: She Looks Down And Breaths In Deep. When She Looks Up, She’s Downright Astonishing!

A Seattle singer named Andie Cash is developing a singing career and gave an indication of her vocal talents that offer a unique twist on older songs. Her voice could be described as innocence mixed in a rasp.

In a video, the blonde-haired vocailist from Marysville, Washington is seen combining the Jason Derulo song, “Want to Want Me”, with the Cheap Trick song from the 1970’s, “I Want You to Want Me,” while seated in the front passenger side of a vehicle. Accompanying her on vocals are her bandmates, Naphtali Smith and Ajay Marshall, with one of them serving as the driver and the other as the guitar player strums along in the back seat.

This video is the most recent in a series of video postings presumably designed to allow Cash and her bandmates to gain greater recognition.

Since being posted on April 22, the video has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with over 1,200 comments to go along with it. While many of commenters praise the quality of her voice, others focus on Cash’s attire, which undoubtedly gets the immediate attention of male viewers due to her cleavage.

Cash’s Facebook page has also served as a conduit to get greater recognition for her group, with the page garnering over 654,000 likes since it was first created in 2011.

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