VIDEO: She Locks Her Dogs In The Garage. When She Opens The Door…Crazy Cuteness!!

When you lock an animal inside any room, whether it’s the house or the garage, you might find that the animal has a little resentment to you when you do open the door. This woman locks her dogs inside her garage on occasion, but when she opens the garage door, the dogs do something surprising.

This woman has 10 dogs who behave exceptionally well. They listen to her commands, and they are very friendly. She made plans to go on a vacation over the Easter holiday one year, but she didn’t want to take the dogs with her. Since they weren’t going to be able to go, she wanted to do something fun with them for the holiday before she left.

She came up with an idea to have an Easter egg hunt for her dogs. While she was hiding the eggs for them in her living room, she kept them locked in the garage so that they wouldn’t be able to see where she was hiding the treats. When she opened the door to let the dogs out, they go crazy in search of their eggs.

The eggs had edible treats as well as small toys inside them so that they could all have something to play with while she was gone.

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