VIDEO: She left the flagpole in handcuffs. Now artists Do THIS To Show her as a superhero.

Both residents and politicians in South Carolina have been debating about the Confederate Flag. Many people believe that it is a symbol of American history while others feel that it is a symbol of oppression. One woman decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands. The woman climbed the flagpole in front of the statehouse and took the flag down herself.

The woman, whose name is Bree Newsome, has been arrested. The flag has also been restored. Many people consider Bree to be a hero and activist. There have even been pictures depicting her as a hero. Additionally, there is a hashtag on Twitter that says #freebree.

This is not the first time that the Confederate Flag has been a subject of controversy. However, the Charleston Shooting is what has prompted many people to protest and march to get it removed from in front of the statehouse. Dylan Roof, who killed nine people at a historically black church, was seen in photos holding the Confederate Flag.

Many people have been trying to say that mental illness was the reason that Roof committed the shooting. However, it is obvious from Roof’s manifesto that this was a hate crime that was racially-motivated.

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