VIDEO: She Left Her Baby In The Car. Moments Later? She Realized Her HUGE Mistake

If you’re thinking of dashing into the store to grab a few items and leaving your child in the car, think again. No matter the weather, you should always bring your child with you into the store or place of business. Especially on warm day, vehicular heat stroke can happen to your child, and it doesn’t take long.

Many times, vehicular heat stroke results in death. No matter if it’s warm or cold outside, it is not safe to leave a child in the car unattended. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a fussy child for a few minutes than deal with the consequences of heat stroke?

One woman found out the hard way by thinking she would just be a minute inside the grocery store, but one minute turned into much longer when she realized she had to pick up a few more things. Distracted by trying to pick up all her groceries and get home to her family who had other obligations for her, the woman forgot about her child in the car. After she was finally done with her shopping, it had been a long time since she left the car. When she arrived back at her car, she opened the door and saw her lifeless child, who was suffering from vehicular heat stroke.

Pass on the message to not leave your child in the car for any length of time. It is not worth risking your child’s life.

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