VIDEO: She Is Miraculous Saved From Certain Death Inside A Sinking SUV

This story bears repeating despite the fact that it is five years old. In fact, if the venerable TV series “It’s a Miracle” was still running new episodes, this story would no doubt have made the show. In 2010, severe rains caused the Colorado town of Pueblo to experience flash flooding.

In one section of the town, the roads became covered in ten feet of water. Anyone who has ever been in a flood understands that it takes only four inches of water to be able to sweep a vehicle away.

Video footage of the incident shows people abandoning their cars in the flood waters and wading across the sludge of mud and water to get to safety. Everyone was fleeing the flood waters and swimming to safety except for one person: Charlene Deherrera.

It turns out that Ms. Deherrera remained in her SUV because she did not know how to swim. The camera footage shows her car sink front-first into 10 feet of water. Immediately, a local doctor tried to break open a window and allow Ms. Deherrera to escape, but the stick he carried could not shatter the glass.

Other Good Samaritans joined the effort, but it wasn’t until Howard Absetts joined the rescue effort that things changed. As he was reaching below the water from the front of the vehicle, he says he felt Ms. Deherrera’s arm grab onto him. On his second attempt, he was able to pull her out of the car and get her to safety.

That said, when Ms. Deherrera’s car was pulled out of the water, all four windshields were closed and intact. It is anyone’s guess just how he was able to pull her out of the car. Watch the video and judge for yourself if this was indeed a miracle.

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