VIDEO: She Is About To Give Birth When She Calls Her Husband At Work. I Keep Laughing. LOL!

There is nothing more boring than being at the end of a pregnancy and you’re too big to do much physical activity during the day. So, you have to find ways to entertain yourself. One woman, instead of obsessing over baby names and nursery themes, decided she would get her kicks by playing a few phone pranks on her husband, who was at work.

It all started when the husband was too busy to take her calls at work in normal circumstances. Now that the wife is 40-weeks pregnant, he has to take her calls. In one phone call, she is sipping water when she calls and the first things says is, ” My water…” and then coughs a little. Her husband thinks she is going to say that her water broke, but she ends her sentence by saying “…just went down the wrong way.”

In another instance, she calls him again, and this time she says, “It’s time!” Of course, her husband thinks she is referring to it being time to drop everything and rush to the hospital to have the baby. She completes her thought by saying that it’s time to put gas in her car! The husband is not amused, but she certainly is.

Pregnancy can make you do strange things, like eat a bunch of salsa like this wife did to try to induce labor. However, if you’re stuck waiting for your baby to arrive and are looking for a little laughter in your life, try prank calling your husband!

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