VIDEO: She Helps This Injured Animal. How The Deer Thanks Her? AMAZING!

A woman named Marlis seems to be to wild deer what Cesar Milan is to dogs. A family of deer regularly migrate through her back yard and she has come to look forward to their visits. But when a deer she has named Eva showed a series of cuts along her back, Marlis took action in order to aid the injured animal.

First, she gently stroked the deer which had laid down on the grass, moving her hands in a rhythmic fashion so as to not startle the animal, whom Marlis believes is the matriarch of the deer herd. She ran her fingers over the animal’s hide, making a detailed inspection of all of the places on the deer’s shoulders and back that needed a healing touch.

Then Marlis got out a tube of Bach Rescue Remedy cream. While Eva stood very still, Marlis carefully rubbed this healing medication onto all of the wounds that were noticeable on her back.

And when Marlis was finished with her mission of mercy, Eva was quick to express her gratitude. She not only came up close to Marlis and nuzzled her with her soft nose, she also began licking Marlis’ feet as a way to say thank you for tending so gently and carefully to her wounds in order to help them heal faster.

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