VIDEO: She Had One Dying Wish. What Her Parents Homeowners Association Did? I FEEL SICK

A homeowners association has denied a Make-A-Wish request from Ella Shultz, a six-year-old cancer patient from Raymore, Missouri.

Ella is currently battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation recently granted Ella’s wish for a new playhouse to be built in her front yard, but her wish has been put on hold after the Stonegate Homeowners Association put a stop to the construction of the project.

The homeowners association forbade construction because they say the plans for the new playhouse are a violation of the neighborhood rules.

Ella is not able to get out and play with other children because of her illness, so her family hoped the playhouse would bring her happiness and give her the ability to get out and play.

When Ella’s parents informed her that her wish might not come true, the six-year-old was in tears. After the denial of the project, the young girl is currently in the hospital with a fever and infection.

Ella’s neighbors are upset by the denial of the project as well. One man who lived in the neighborhood stated that he would not be upset to see a playhouse in Ella’s front yard. He said he would like to see Ella be able to play outside.

Many neighbors have expressed their support for Ella and her family by decorating the front of their homes and mailboxes with the color green.

The members of the homeowners association are currently discussing the possibility of working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in order to make Ella’s wish come true. Members of the Raymore community hope that they can come to a consensus soon.

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