VIDEO: She Had A Hunch Her Dog Was Doing Something Naughty. So She Setup A Camera And Captured THIS

Being a parent is an always changing experience. Fortunately for one mom, she found a helping hand with changing her newborn’s diapers.

A beagle named Charlie has been trained to bring this mother all of the supplies necessary to change her infant’s diaper. Charlie starts by bringing cleaning wipes to the mother to get the job started, and after some much deserved high-fives to the puppy, the dog rushes back to the supply bag to bring over a diaper.

To finish the job, the beagle makes his way over to the trash can with all of the waste from getting the job done, removing the hassle of cleanup from the mother entirely! The beagle comes back for a final round of high-fives before wagging his tail with excitement for a job well done.

Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t seem to have any idea of her furry friend’s involvement and cries as she’s being changed.

Charlie, the Beagle, shows how excited he is to receive praise for a job well done. It’s obviously not his first time helping out around the house, as he knows exactly where everything in the supply bag is and has no trouble bringing the supplies in the right order to mom.

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