VIDEO: She Grabbed Onto This Giant Wheel, Then Jerked Her Body. What Happened? YES!!

Gymnastics is truly amazing, especially when the gymnasts are talented. It is astounding to see that the human body is capable of all of those maneuvers, and it is entertaining to watch as well.

Jenny Hoffman is a gymnast and a dancer who comes from Augsberg, which is a town in Germany. She basically wows everyone when she does her gymnastics in something that really just looks like a giant hamster wheel. It is called the Rhoenrad, and this very large wheel is typically used by gymnasts who are participating in the International Wheel Gymnastics Federation.

Very few gymnasts are able to successfully use this wheel for their moves, and Jenny is one of the extremely talented few. She does all sorts of tricks in this wheel that seem to not only challenge the limitations of the human body buy but actually defy the laws of physics as well. She absolutely stuns the crowd with what she is able to do, and there are very few in the world who can do what she does.

She incorporates the wheel into an impressive and graceful gymnastics routine, and even though it seems chaotic at times, it is apparent that she is in full control of all movements at all times. For any young kids who want to go into gymnastics, this is a wonderful and inspirational video to watch. It shows just what someone can be capable of when they work very hard and challenge the limitations of what is expected.

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