VIDEO: She Gets Caught By Her Mom Bringing A Cow Into The House! Her Apology Is The Best

It is always somewhat funny to catch a child in a lie. They have not yet perfected the art of coming up with quick and reasonable excuses, so it is always very obvious that they are lying, even when they believe that they are doing a good job of fooling the person to whom they are speaking.

In this video, a 5 year old girl has allowed a cow into the house. Her mother catches her, and the response is adorable and priceless. At first, she basically tells her mother that when she wasn’t looking, the cow snuck into the house.

She then goes even further by making up a story about the cow pooping in the house and her cleaning it up, making herself look responsible and like the “good” one in the story. After it has become clear that none of her stories are believed, she snuggles up to her friend the cow and basically earns forgiveness for her transgression just by being adorable.

It would definitely be shocking for anyone to find a cow inside of their homes, but it would definitely make for a story to tell. The mother of this little girl now certainly has a story to tell, not only because of the surprise of finding the cow inside her house, but because of her daughter’s attempts to lie her way out of the situation. This will certainly be a story that mother and daughter laugh over later on in the little girl’s life.

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