VIDEO: She Gave Her Kidney To This Stranger, What He Does To Her Next? UNFATHOMABLE

Ashley McIntyre is the sweetest of angels. Danny Robinson is her charming prince. Their relationship is like a fairy tale come true. Ashley’s selflessness has restored Danny’s health. She sacrificed her kidney and saved his life. Initially, the two were absolute strangers. Now they’re engaged to be husband and wife!

No Help in Sight

Ashley first heard about Danny in January 2014. Her mother had been listening to a local Kentucky radio show. The broadcaster explained Danny’s health condition and the need for a kidney transplant. Danny had an inflammatory kidney disease requiring dialysis three days a week. None of his family members was eligible as a match. A grim alternative was waiting for a kidney from a deceased donor. It could take three years.

Danny had already endured the disease for nine years, since the age of 16. For the past two years, he’d been receiving dialysis. Adding to Danny’s heartache was the loss of his father to brain cancer in 2012. On Christmas Day in 2011, his house had burned down. By the young age of 25, Danny had already suffered several tragedies.

Compelled By Compassion

Ashley was deeply moved by Danny’s situation. She took stock of her resources. Though she didn’t have money or influence, she was young and healthy. The next day was her 25th birthday. She contacted Danny’s mother through the radio host. She wanted to celebrate her birthday by offering the gift of life.

Ashley consulted with her doctor, who gave medical consent. He assured Ashley that both she and Danny would be fine. Now it was a matter of testing to see if they were a match.

There are 12 tests involved in assessing organ compatibility. Remarkably, through each phase of scrutiny, Ashley and Danny were a match! Ashley hadn’t wanted to meet Danny until she knew the surgery was possible. She didn’t want his hopes to be dashed. Was she thrilled to receive a thumbs-up from the transplant team!

In March 2014, the two convened at The Cheesecake Factory. Prior to seeing Danny, Ashley was quite anxious. However, from the moment they began talking, she felt like she’d known him forever. Their meeting was meant to be.

April 17, 2014 was the day of Danny’s miracle. Both procedures were successful, without subsequent complications.

A Love Match

When Ashley first met Danny, she thought he was cute but never dreamed they would date. After the surgeries, the two exchanged phoned calls and texts. It was during Memorial Day weekend that the bond between them crystallized. They each had the realization they wanted to be together always.

On Christmas Day 2014, Danny proposed. After all the presents had been opened, Danny pulled out one more gift. It was a small, wrapped box containing an engagement ring. Danny got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. It was three years after his house had turned to ashes. In many ways, the marriage proposal marked the start of a new life.

The Need for Donors

Each year, more than 100,000 Americans need a kidney transplant. Only one percent of the organs are sourced from living donors. The chances of Ashley and Danny being a match were very slim. Nonetheless, destiny prevailed.

Happily Ever After

Currently, Danny is in the best of health. However, Ashley’s kidney won’t last forever, and another transplant will be needed in about 25 years. Ashley vows she’ll do everything possible to help Danny obtain a new kidney. “I wish I had 50 kidneys to give him,” she gushes.

The couple is amazed by their good fortune. With tears in her eyes, Ashley says, “It’s crazy how it worked out. It was all orchestrated by God.”

Credit fate and the angels among us!

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