VIDEO: She Finds A 225 Sq Ft Cabin In The Woods. But It’s What’s Inside That Blew My Mind!

Finding a cabin in the woods is something that many people dream about. There are cabins that have treasures inside that tell of the past. For those who enjoy learning about how people lived decades ago, some of the cabins are museums with artifacts that are spectacular.

This woman found a cabin in the woods that was about 225 square feet in size. She found the cabin after interviewing the owner. He is a man who has a nice salary each year, a nice car and a home that is 4,000 square feet. He has traveled to other countries.

Although he has the money to do what he wants, he enjoys a simpler life in a small home. The man loves snowboarding, and that’s why he has the cabin with less than 300 square feet of space. The home is located in California, near some of the best mountains for snowboarding. There is no running water and no electricity. This might seem like a life of boredom and survival, but for this man, it’s a peaceful setting.

He has everything that he needs for a home except for the luxuries that many other people have. It is made of rocks cemented together. Natural resources are used as much as possible. He uses wood for heat and cooking, and the water comes from creeks. He has created a home with beautiful views of the mountains and sun, living a life that he has dreamed of for years.

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